Howdens Joinery
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"Having considered a number of accrediting bodies, it’s clear that RTITB provide a fantastic level of support and excellent standards. Working with RTITB has provided us with additional assurance that the MHE training we offer is consistent across our business and is of the higheststandard.
RTITB training materials are clear, concise and professional, and our MHE Instructors have commented that they’re easy to apply.
Standardisation is really important within the Supply Division, and RTITB has certainly helped us achieve this. We’re looking forward to a long working relationship with RTITB."
Mick Dyer | MHE Coordinator | Howdens


What Howdens has Achieved Through Accreditation:
  • Training processes, paperwork and standards are now delivered consistently by Instructors across all four Howdens sites to support operations in manufacturing, warehousing and transport
  • Required course materials are bought in from RTITB for all training, ensuring the same high standards are delivered and saving Instructors valuable time with lesson planning and course material development.
  • All eight in-house instructors are trained to RTITB standards to deliver accredited training. They have all the materials needed to deliver refresher training on a 3-year cycle, as well as conversion training and training for new employees
  • To support Howdens’ varied operations, Instructors can easily obtain new course materials for varied truck types, from pallet trucks, to reach trucks, to MEWPs. Most operators are qualified on 2-3 different equipment types
  • Howdens has benefitted from bespoke, accredited course materials developed by RTITB specifically for its operation. A pump truck training course is in development, with a custom training guide for truck loading and consolidation of loads on the horizon
  • Standardised training allows Howdens to centrally co-ordinate its MHE Instructors activities, thus enabling Howdens to drive efficiency by maximising ratios on training courses
  • As course paperwork is now totally consistent, administration is more manageable. Plus, the company has easier access to the information needed to prove compliance, if required
  • Due to the high-quality materials, operators and Instructors have a positive attitude to MHE training throughout the business

Despite effective processes and standards being in place, Instructors at Howdens must still complete a large amount of administration around training and assessment. Howdens are looking forward to transforming this with the MyRTITB Training Friend App which improves efficiency by making these processes 100% paperless for the very first time.

Howdens are looking forward to transforming this with the MyRTITB TrainingFriend App, which improves efficiency by making these processes 100% paperless for the very first time. Find out more about MyRTITB TrainingFriend here.

Howdens Joinery is the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, appliances and joinery products. Despite its scale, Howdens remains a local business with traditional values and is a trade only business that has been selling to trade professionals since 1995. There are currently around 680 Howdens Joinery depots supplying more than 400,000 inspirational kitchens each year to homes in the UK. Its range is the UK’s largest from stock, which means that trade professionals can collect exactly what they need, when they need it, to create a dream kitchen.
Howdens Joinery were looking to standardise material handling equipment (MHE) training for their 830 lift truck operators across four sites, to improve security, safety, compliance and enable effective auditing. Processes and solutions needed to be scalable to support planned site expansion that will generate additional training requirements in the near future.

Wyre Forest District Council
Case Studies


"I would recommend joining the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium as it takes the hard work out of Driver CPC Periodic Training, having access to a library of off-the-shelf training materials really works for us. Instead of spending time writing courses, now I can spend the time delivering training.

Being part of the Consortium also means that I have chance to share feedback and experiences with fellow members and learn from what other organisations are doing with Driver CPC.

I was trained as a Driver CPC Instructor at the RTITB Instructor Academy and based on my experience, I can’t imagine there is any better provider of ‘train the trainer’ courses."

Glyn Owen | LGV CPC Instructor | Wyre Forest District Council


What Has Wyre Forest District Council Achieved?
  • Improved attitudes to training: In the past, experienced drivers felt that the Driver CPC Periodic Training covered things they already knew. Now, with a range of thought-provoking training topics, drivers’ interest levels have increased, and training now revolves around two-way conversation. Drivers are sharing with their colleagues that they have had a positive training experience, and this is helping change attitudes across the whole fleet.
  • Better driver communication: Interactive training, with opportunities to debate and participate rather than just sit in a classroom, has broken down communication barriers. Driver communication skills have improved generally, so they are now much more willing to talk about any issues. This is proving beneficial to the organisation overall. The Professional Driver training module which includes a focus on health, diet and stress, had a particularly positive effect on encouraging driver communication.
  • Ready-made, engaging training: Having 15 modules to choose from, each with five training topics, Wyre Forest District Council can select the most suitable training for drivers depending on their skillset and experience. This prevents repetition and helps keep drivers engaged. Thanks to the different training methods available such as Q&As and quizzes, every day of training can be different and tailored to driver needs. This also keeps the content fresh and interesting for instructors.
  • RTITB Instructor Academy qualified trainers: To secure in-house expertise, two LGV and Driver CPC Instructors were trained at the RTITB Instructor Academy in Telford, UK. The enjoyable course proved very tough, ensuring that less experienced trainers came away at the end with a complete and well-rounded insight, as well as a qualification.
  • New commercial income stream: Having trained LGV and Driver CPC Instructors, Wyre Forest District Council realised cost savings to their own operations as well as discovering commercial potential for the council. Since the beginning of 2018 it has offered LGV and Driver CPC training to other local businesses, either on their own site or at customer premises. In 2018, the organisation delivered training for numerous customers, and is expecting a large amount of repeat business in the coming year. The training modules, topics and delivery methods can be tailored to the customer’s needs and address specific issues in their business, for example, drivers’ hours. The commercial business has been received well, providing a good return and profit. In future Wyre Forest District Council’s Instructors will be offering assistance to customers in planning and delivering their Driver CPC training across the 5-year cycle.


Benefits of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium:
  • The vast Driver CPC training library includes 45 menus consisting of quizzes, case studies, workshops, games and discussions that can be delivered by trained Driver CPC Instructors in bite size topics, rather than by using PowerPoint.
  • There are no hidden costs, with the first year of membership and all courses completely free and no charges for routine audits
  • Regular meetings with RTITB and members of the Consortium ensure that organisations can share best practice, provide feedback and contribute to the future of Driver CPC on a national level.
  • Members have access to the innovative course builder for creating personalised training without time-consuming development effort and can also work with RTITB to create bespoke JAUPT approved training modules.


Benefits of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium

  • The RTITB Instructor Academy offers comprehensive, independent instructor training, providing trainees with an industry-recognised qualification
  • It is the only ‘train the trainer’ centre in the UK and Ireland that is dedicated to training LGV and Driver CPC Instructors, so that organisations can reduce costs whilst improving safety and productivity
  • Training can be delivered either at the RTITB Instructor Academy’s specialist training facility or on company premises


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Wyre Forest is a local government district in Worcestershire, UK, covering the towns of Kidderminster, Stourport-on-Severn and Bewdley, and several civil parishes and their villages. The council runs out of offices on the outskirts of Kidderminster.
The council has its own fleet of LGVs, covering waste management, street cleaning, tree operations and other services, employing 35 drivers.
Wyre Forest were looking to deliver engaging training to it's fleet of 35 drivers, and overcome the negative reputation of Driver CPC Periodic Training, while improving driver skills and ensuring compliance with the requirements of Driver CPC.

Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd
Case Studies

About Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd

Yusen Logistics (UK) offers complete supply chain solutions utilising high quality infrastructure, modern facilities and proven I.T. systems to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. This infrastructure has been developed to support and cultivate a ‘can do’ approach to offering supply chain solutions within the specific market sectors of the automotive, aerospace, retail, healthcare, technology and food industries and services.

Yusen Logistics (UK) provides expertise in air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, contract logistics and origin cargo management as well as providing all the general logistics services.

"We chose to work with RTITB to support delivery of the high-quality training we believe is essential to Yusen Logistics for all our Drivers across the business network in the UK. Moving to RTITB as a training partner has been a key factor in helping us raise the standard of our Driver and Driver CPC Instructor training. The investment in high quality training courses also gives our Drivers the assurance that we take their development seriously.

Feedback from the training has been excellent, surpassing all expectations. Courses have been warmly received by the Drivers as they can see the level of detail and professionalism that has gone into each session. We are delighted with the value and level of support that the RTITB team offers and would highly recommend other logistics companies to join the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium."

What Yusen Logistics Has Achieved: 
  • An existing, JAUPT approved, roadside incident management training topic ensured Drivers were able to be trained on this topic by the end of the year, supporting the objectives of the business
  • Although an ’off the shelf course’ was available, Yusen Logistics was able to tailor it with the experts at RTITB to include specific information on company policies and processes, meeting the exact needs of the Board
  • Training sessions delivered were entertaining and offer a good level of interaction to ensure drivers remain engaged - 99% of Drivers gave the course a positive rating
  • Varying the focus of the training each year keeps Drivers motivated about Driver CPC by introducing them to a new and interesting training topic, whilst equipping them with essential professional skills
  • Comprehensive Instructor materials made it easier for the company’s dedicated trainers to roll the training out across all UK sites over the course of the year and achieve a high level of consistency
  • Complimentary feedback following RTITB and JAUPT audits provided external quality assurance for the delivery team and business stakeholders

Benefits of RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training:
  • By joining the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium, Yusen Logistics has access to a vast library of modular training topics, ensuring training can be aligned easily with current business objectives
  • The innovative training doesn’t just tick the Driver CPC box. It is designed by experts to deliver real, measurable driver behaviour change, improving safety and upholding Yusen Logistics’ high training standards
  • The 35-minute training topics are delivered through a variety of engaging methods– quizzes, case studies, videos, and more, combine to deliver training that keeps Yusen Logistics’ drivers interested
  • All training, such as the Road Traffic Incident Management topic, comes with time saving toolkits for Yusen Logistics’ Instructors. The toolkit includes all of the forms needed and a range of helpful resources, all on a handy USB stick
  • There are no hidden costs. Pricing is clear and simple, helping Yusen Logistics to manage its training budget effectively. There are no charges for any routine audits and the first year of membership is completely free
The challenge was to deliver a Road Traffic Incident Management course to almost 300 LGV drivers as part of Driver CPC Periodic Training, aligning training with specific business objectives around safety and risk reduction.

Henderson Group
Case Studies

About Henderson Group

Established more than 120 years ago, four independent entities now make up the Henderson Group brand – Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Retail, Henderson Foodservice and Henderson Group property.  Warehousing, logistics and transport are a key part of operations across the whole business.

The Academy at Henderson Group delivers training to personnel across the company, as well as offering a broad range of courses to third parties, including management development, personal development, compliance and driver training.

The Challenge

To increase the variety and efficiency of the training delivered by the Academy, both to help develop the careers of hundreds of internal employees and to attract new business from external customers. Henderson Group wished to train their trainers, provide professional development to team members, and be part of a Driver CPC Consortium.

"The team at the RTITB Instructor Academy is more than helpful and accommodating at all times and their trainers are professional and knowledgeable. The fact that training can be tailored is important for us, and we have always found that courses can be turned around and delivered quickly

Being part of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium has also really benefitted us and given us opportunities to grow our business and enabled us to secure new training customers for our own Academy.

Overall, working with RTITB for our training needs has been valuable, so I have already recommended them to another organisation. We also intend to use the RTITB Instructor Academy for our other upcoming training needs."

Garry Cairns, Driver & Operations Training Manager, The Academy, Henderson Group

What The Academy at Henderson Group Has Achieved:

RTITB qualified trainers

  • Through the RTITB Instructor Academy, the organisation now has 2 qualified Driver CPC Instructors, who were trained at the Henderson Group site for maximum convenience
  • They also now have a trained Yardshunter Instructor within their team, thanks to the RTITB Instructor Academy
  • With qualified Driver CPC Instructors, the company has been able to efficiently deliver Driver CPC Periodic training to 114 individuals over a 4-month period
  • Having independently qualified, and audited, Instructors enables them to offer training solutions to third parties through their own Academy

Compliant and flexible Driver CPC training solution
  • With qualified Driver CPC instructors in house, Henderson Group can deliver the required training to their 136 LGV drivers internally
  • Being part of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium has provided access to a large library of training topics so that they can cater to more diverse customer requests
  • The options within the Driver CPC training library has helped the Academy to win contracts with two new commercial customers in less than four months
  • Time is saved. If a customer opts for a number of courses or modules from the Driver CPC training library, the Henderson Group Academy can save days, or sometimes weeks, of in-house course development time. Courses are also scheduled more efficiently than ever befor

Tailored LGV Assessor training
  • The LGV Assessor course from RTITB Instructor Academy enables Henderson Group to offer a professional development opportunity to their senior drivers. So far 7 drivers have qualified as LGV Assessors
  • The recognised, standardised LGV Assessor qualification broadens trainees’ skillset and knowledge, helping to ensure a high standard of skill and professionalism in their next generation of Henderson Group drivers
  • The RTITB Instructor Academy tailored the LGV Assessor course to Henderson Group’s business needs to ensure a better training outcome Courses

Benefits of the RTITB Instructor Academy:

  • The RTITB Instructor Academy is totally focused on ‘train the trainer’ and assessor courses, making it the most trusted and expert provider of training for LGV and Yardshunter instructors
  • Courses can be delivered either on customer premises anywhere in the world, as well as at the RTITB Instructor Academy in the West Midlands, to provide complete instructor training flexibility
  • The RTITB Instructor Academy offers standardised, Instructor training with independent examination by accrediting body RTITB, supporting consistency and compliance, while leading to an industry-recognised RTITB qualification for trainees
  • Instructors at the RTITB Instructor Academy have real world experience of logistics and transport so truly understand the challenges of working, and training, in the industry
  • A wide range of courses are available, including Driver CPC Instructor, LGV Instructor, Yardshunter Instructor, Safe and Economic Driving Instructor, LGV Assessor and more.
  • All RTITB Instructor Academy courses can be tailored to reflect company culture and processes, as well as to effectively meet business and training objectives

Benefits of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium:

  • Organisations can choose to join the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium so that the Driver CPC Instructors that qualified with the RTITB Instructor Academy have access to safety focused training materials, dedicated to delivering real, measurable change in the most cost-effective way
  • With access to the growing library of 100+ Driver CPC training topics, companies and training providers can tailor their training to the needs of their business and their drivers, without the need for development resource
  • Courses can be delivered without PowerPoint, instead Instructors can utilise quizzes, case studies, workshops, games and discussions to keep drivers engaged during bite-sized 35-minute training topics

Established more than 120 years ago, four independent entities now make up the Henderson Group brand – Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Retail, Henderson Foodservice and Henderson Group property.


Jack Richards & Son
Case Studies

"We deliver training of value, not of necessity because the most important people in our operation are our drivers - RTITB offers us a one-stop shop for our driver and instructor training needs.

We have found that if you deliver the right training, you save time and money on managing issues further down the line. As a professional body, by working with RTITB we also have the complete reassurance of compliance and enjoy exceptional operational support from their team. This is what makes working with RTITB genuinely good value.

Seven hours of Driver CPC training a year is not enough to change a company, but it’s enough to cement drivers skills and responsibilities and bring about a culture change for the better. Operations that treat it as a ‘box ticking’ exercise are missing a trick and we’d recommend they talk to RTITB about their training needs."

Demus Smerdon, Training & Hygiene Manager – South, Jack Richards & Son


What Jack Richards & Son Has Achieved
  • The company has a complete and consistent Driver CPC training solution. This starts with training Driver CPC Instructors for a recognised qualification, and continues with these Instructors delivering training materials from the RTITB Driver CPC course library to all drivers
  • Drivers receive the required training and development during 7 hours of Driver CPC training per year, delivered by 8 RTITB qualified Driver CPC Instructors
  • With training materials that respect drivers, treat them as the most important resource in the operation and challenge complacency around training, there is greater company loyalty and retention among driving staff
  • Thanks to the different delivery methods available, drivers are more engaged with, and positive about, Driver CPC training than ever before
  • Instructors benefit from delivering training without needing to rely on PowerPoint and having the flexibility to tailor the training method to the drivers’ needs
  • With a constantly expanding library of training topics, Jack Richards & Son has been able to deliver Driver CPC training on a wider variety of subjects than ever before
  • The training has been tailored to the specific needs of the drivers, encouraging professional development. Drivers also now have an increased knowledge of compliance which has helped support the needs of the business
  • By working with RTITB for Driver CPC, Jack Richards & Sons has experienced tangible improvements to compliance. This is partly due to the professional level of support provided by the RTITB team which ensures all of the necessary administration for compliance can be easily completed
  • Compliance is also assured as the RTITB Driver CPC Master Consortium is managed by experienced Lead Auditors to ensure that Jack Richards & Son’s business, and brand, is protected from risk at all times


Benefits of RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training:
  • With access to the growing library of 100+ Driver CPC training topics, companies can tailor their training to the needs of their business and drivers without the need for development resource
  • Courses can be delivered without PowerPoint, instead Instructors can utilise quizzes, case studies, workshops, games and discussions to keep drivers engaged during bite-sized 35-minute training topics
  • The training is safety focused and dedicated to delivering real, measurable driver behaviour change and safety improvements. It supports legal compliance and saves money, but, more importantly, it can save lives
  • RTITB supports your in-house training team to help make delivering training hassle-free. Timesaving toolkits include all the forms needed, plus there are helpful resources for free on a USB
  • The Driver CPC training schedule, training team performance, costs and results can all be easily tracked and evaluated via RTITB’s online system, which is available 365 days a year
  • There are no hidden costs, making it easier for companies to budget for Driver CPC training investment
  • Alongside the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium, the RTITB Instructor Academy offers recognised Driver CPC Instructor training, reassuring companies of compliance and consistency throughout all of their training. Via the Academy, Instructors can also be trained to support other parts of the operation, such as materials handling equipment training
Jack Richards & Son is a national road transport service with a well-earned reputation for reliability.
For over 60 years the company has been caring for customers and their road transport needs, working from strategically located depots across the country. Privately owned and independently run, it operates road haulage services around the UK, palletised-load distribution across Europe and the UK as well as localised warehousing and storage. Contract haulage customers range from the largest multi-nationals to medium-sized enterprises.