RTITB Dangerous Goods Training Solutions

The RTITB Dangerous Goods Driver Training Consortium is the new SQA approved solution for the delivery of engaging and effective ADR training. If you are already delivering ADR training, becoming an RTITB member will help you cut your costs and give confidence to your customers. To find out how, call Jane in our Solutions team on +44(0)1952 520207 or email her.

Why should I join?

Reduce your costs: Membership includes our accompanying SQA approved training materials, annual audits and your SQA approval fee; it's cheaper than being approved in your own right and gives you better value for money.

We put you first: You will always be the most important thing to us, our job is to make your life easier by giving you customer service that is second-to-none.

Professional training materials: Our training materials have been written by ADR experts. In addition to a comprehensive Instructor Guide, the accompanying USB contains superior training PowerPoints and free candidate handouts. In the event of any content or legislation changes, you will receive updated materials completely free of charge.

Keeping you in the loop: You'll receive bi-monthly updates via the member e-bulletin, keeping you up-to-date with industry news, best practice and the latest legislation developments.

Show your customers you are a professional: Association with the RTITB brand gives you confidence to your customers and shows that you take your obligations to deliver great training for them seriously.

Ready to apply? Download your application form now.

Want to learn more about how the RTITB Dangerous Goods Training Consortium can help your business? Contact our Solutions Manager, Jane Hughes, on 01952 520207, or request a call back here.