Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd

The challenge was to deliver a Road Traffic Incident Management course to almost 300 LGV drivers as part of Driver CPC Periodic Training, aligning training with specific business objectives around safety and risk reduction.

About Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd

Yusen Logistics (UK) offers complete supply chain solutions utilising high quality infrastructure, modern facilities and proven I.T. systems to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. This infrastructure has been developed to support and cultivate a ‘can do’ approach to offering supply chain solutions within the specific market sectors of the automotive, aerospace, retail, healthcare, technology and food industries and services.

Yusen Logistics (UK) provides expertise in air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, contract logistics and origin cargo management as well as providing all the general logistics services.

"We chose to work with RTITB to support delivery of the high-quality training we believe is essential to Yusen Logistics for all our Drivers across the business network in the UK. Moving to RTITB as a training partner has been a key factor in helping us raise the standard of our Driver and Driver CPC Instructor training. The investment in high quality training courses also gives our Drivers the assurance that we take their development seriously.

Feedback from the training has been excellent, surpassing all expectations. Courses have been warmly received by the Drivers as they can see the level of detail and professionalism that has gone into each session. We are delighted with the value and level of support that the RTITB team offers and would highly recommend other logistics companies to join the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium."

What Yusen Logistics Has Achieved: 
  • An existing, JAUPT approved, roadside incident management training topic ensured Drivers were able to be trained on this topic by the end of the year, supporting the objectives of the business
  • Although an ’off the shelf course’ was available, Yusen Logistics was able to tailor it with the experts at RTITB to include specific information on company policies and processes, meeting the exact needs of the Board
  • Training sessions delivered were entertaining and offer a good level of interaction to ensure drivers remain engaged - 99% of Drivers gave the course a positive rating
  • Varying the focus of the training each year keeps Drivers motivated about Driver CPC by introducing them to a new and interesting training topic, whilst equipping them with essential professional skills
  • Comprehensive Instructor materials made it easier for the company’s dedicated trainers to roll the training out across all UK sites over the course of the year and achieve a high level of consistency
  • Complimentary feedback following RTITB and JAUPT audits provided external quality assurance for the delivery team and business stakeholders

Benefits of RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training:
  • By joining the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium, Yusen Logistics has access to a vast library of modular training topics, ensuring training can be aligned easily with current business objectives
  • The innovative training doesn’t just tick the Driver CPC box. It is designed by experts to deliver real, measurable driver behaviour change, improving safety and upholding Yusen Logistics’ high training standards
  • The 35-minute training topics are delivered through a variety of engaging methods– quizzes, case studies, videos, and more, combine to deliver training that keeps Yusen Logistics’ drivers interested
  • All training, such as the Road Traffic Incident Management topic, comes with time saving toolkits for Yusen Logistics’ Instructors. The toolkit includes all of the forms needed and a range of helpful resources, all on a handy USB stick
  • There are no hidden costs. Pricing is clear and simple, helping Yusen Logistics to manage its training budget effectively. There are no charges for any routine audits and the first year of membership is completely free