Kuehne+Nagel Forklift Competition

RTITB helped develop our company-wide forklift driver competition which has allowed us to celebrate our warehouse driving team where previously, only fleet drivers could participate.

About the Competition

  • The Kuehne + Nagel Driver of the Year competition takes place annually. Competitors must be nominated by a colleague, manager or customer in order to be considered for a place in the contest, which helps to encourage all drivers to uphold the business’ high quality standards throughout the year.
  • A panel of judges selects the 30 best forklift operators to take part in the day long competition, enjoyed with customers and colleagues. To be eligible to participate in the contest, drivers must be accident-free, which motivates them to uphold safety and be aware of risk at all times.
  • Working with Kuehne + Nagel, RTITB has developed a series of challenges for the forklift driver competition. Designed around a fun theme, these tasks test the different knowledge required for their role, including pre-use checks and various manoeuvring skills. Scores are allocated for each challenge and some tests take place against the clock for added excitement.
  • For added motivation, winners receive fantastic prizes which in the past have included holidays and hotel stays. The winner is also recognised both in the company magazine and via a video of the competition – this helps to generate a buzz within the company and instils a sense of pride in the winner


"RTITB helped develop our company-wide forklift driver competition which has allowed us to celebrate our warehouse driving team where previously only fleet drivers could participate. While the tests devised by RTITB are based around the full skill set required to operate a lift truck safely and professionally, the contest is great fun and has definitely helped increase motivation and morale amongst our forklift drivers. The competition has grown every year - our aim is for it to continue to do so, in order that we can continue celebrating the quality of skills and training within our warehouse team."

Robert Hollier, Operations Training Manager, Kuehne + Nagel UK



Benefits to Kuehne+Nagel

  • Kuehne+Nagel can use the contest to showcase their warehouse staff and promote the skill level of their entire team, demonstrating the value of delivering high quality RTITB accredited training to all staff.
  • The competition celebrates the professionalism and skills of the workforce and complements existing reward and recognition schemes that exist within the business.
  • The competition acts as an effective reminder of the vital skills needed for safe and efficient forklift operation, resulting in a positive effect on the workforce.
  • The involvement of RTITB not only results in support with delivering fun, practical and relevant tests to include in the competition but shows affiliation with the leading workplace transport training body and a commitment to both high quality training and safety.