Kuehne + Nagel Driver CPC

Kuehne + Nagel is one of the world’s leading logistics providers with more than 1000 offices in over 100 countries and offers a full range of supply chain solutions to anywhere in the world via air, road or sea. Running one of the most successful logistics operation in the UK, Kuehne + Nagel UK has over 100 strategic locations nationwide with a reliable warehousing operation and a fleet of drivers that help to distribute some of the UK’s most popular brands.

The Challenge

To maintain compliance by ensuring that all 2,500 Kuehne + Nagel drivers achieve ongoing Driver CPC certification with minimal impact on the business operation.

"For Kuehne + Nagel UK, our in-house Driver CPC training is essential not only for legal compliance, but also to ensure we maintain the high standards we are committed to. RTITB Driver CPC training is engaging and innovative and gives us the security of knowing we have a fleet of skilled, professional drivers.

With RTITB, it’s not just the usual supplier and customer relationship – it is more like a partnership. Our training needs are often demanding and delivering training on this scale can be challenging, but RTITB offers an unrivalled level of support throughout every step of the process.

We chose RTITB as we felt they offered the best course. Both the training and support are of such a high quality that I would happily recommend RTITB training to other organisations."

Robert Hollier, Operations Training Manager, Kuehne + Nagel UK


What Kuehne + Nagel Has Achieved:
  • Delivering RTITB Driver CPC training resulted in a more highly skilled fleet of drivers, improving both professionalism and efficiency. The overall quality of driving is improved, and the importance of safety is instilled within the fleet, helping to reduce risk and accidents.
  • With a need to deliver demanding training on a large scale, the full support from RTITB through every step of the process has made training simpler to deliver, even with ongoing refresher training needs.
  • As Driver CPC training from RTITB can be tailored, Kuehne + Nagel are able to deliver bespoke training reflective of the drivers’ overall experience of the organisation and in line with the company ethos.
  • Employees are keen to learn because the RTITB training is always developing to ensure it remains stimulating and relevant to trainees. This positive experience has driven engagement in all types of training at Kuehne + Nagel, not just Driver CPC.
  • Kuehne + Nagel now have key Driver CPC trainers within the business who spread enthusiasm and motivation about the training – drivers can now clearly see that their professional development is important to the company.
  • RTITB Driver CPC companies are audited regularly– this motivates Kuehne + Nagel UK to uphold ongoing high standards as well as ensuring legal requirements are met and the risk of accident or injury is reduced.


Benefits to Kuehne + Nagel:
  • The courses are designed to improve drivers’ risk-taking behaviour and workplace attitude so that operational inefficiencies are driven out and our costs driven down.
  • An extensive library of over 100 topics to pick from including: vulnerable road users, in-cab distractions and representing the company.
  • Bespoke courses have been written by the RTITB development team tailored towards Kuehne + Nagel’s specific business needs.
  • In-house instructors deliver the course then RTITB manage all the hard stuff that takes the time, like DVSA uploads, records of attendance, quality assurance, course approvals and keeping courses up-to-date and technically accurate.
  • Access to 24/7 online reports allowing K+N to remotely evaluate training delivery costs, instructor performance and drivers’ results.


Benefits to Drivers:    


  • RTITB training gives drivers a better knowledge base and a higher standard of operation, resulting in a lower risk of accident or injury, as well as motivation and a sense of motivation.
  • The innovative training modules within the Driver CPC course are broken into bite size topics to make learning enjoyable and accessible for all.
  • RTITB is committed to offering drivers advice and guidance, with reference materials and guides available to support them both during and after training.


Kuehne + Nagel UK has been delivering RTITB Master Driver CPC Periodic Training since 2009 ensuring that approximately 2,500 drivers within their fleet have achieved Driver CPC certification and operate safely, professionally and efficiently.