Jack Richards & Son

Jack Richards & Son is a national road transport service with a well-earned reputation for reliability.
For over 60 years the company has been caring for customers and their road transport needs, working from strategically located depots across the country. Privately owned and independently run, it operates road haulage services around the UK, palletised-load distribution across Europe and the UK as well as localised warehousing and storage. Contract haulage customers range from the largest multi-nationals to medium-sized enterprises.

"We deliver training of value, not of necessity because the most important people in our operation are our drivers - RTITB offers us a one-stop shop for our driver and instructor training needs.

We have found that if you deliver the right training, you save time and money on managing issues further down the line. As a professional body, by working with RTITB we also have the complete reassurance of compliance and enjoy exceptional operational support from their team. This is what makes working with RTITB genuinely good value.

Seven hours of Driver CPC training a year is not enough to change a company, but it’s enough to cement drivers skills and responsibilities and bring about a culture change for the better. Operations that treat it as a ‘box ticking’ exercise are missing a trick and we’d recommend they talk to RTITB about their training needs."

Demus Smerdon, Training & Hygiene Manager – South, Jack Richards & Son


What Jack Richards & Son Has Achieved
  • The company has a complete and consistent Driver CPC training solution. This starts with training Driver CPC Instructors for a recognised qualification, and continues with these Instructors delivering training materials from the RTITB Driver CPC course library to all drivers
  • Drivers receive the required training and development during 7 hours of Driver CPC training per year, delivered by 8 RTITB qualified Driver CPC Instructors
  • With training materials that respect drivers, treat them as the most important resource in the operation and challenge complacency around training, there is greater company loyalty and retention among driving staff
  • Thanks to the different delivery methods available, drivers are more engaged with, and positive about, Driver CPC training than ever before
  • Instructors benefit from delivering training without needing to rely on PowerPoint and having the flexibility to tailor the training method to the drivers’ needs
  • With a constantly expanding library of training topics, Jack Richards & Son has been able to deliver Driver CPC training on a wider variety of subjects than ever before
  • The training has been tailored to the specific needs of the drivers, encouraging professional development. Drivers also now have an increased knowledge of compliance which has helped support the needs of the business
  • By working with RTITB for Driver CPC, Jack Richards & Sons has experienced tangible improvements to compliance. This is partly due to the professional level of support provided by the RTITB team which ensures all of the necessary administration for compliance can be easily completed
  • Compliance is also assured as the RTITB Driver CPC Master Consortium is managed by experienced Lead Auditors to ensure that Jack Richards & Son’s business, and brand, is protected from risk at all times


Benefits of RTITB Driver CPC Periodic Training:
  • With access to the growing library of 100+ Driver CPC training topics, companies can tailor their training to the needs of their business and drivers without the need for development resource
  • Courses can be delivered without PowerPoint, instead Instructors can utilise quizzes, case studies, workshops, games and discussions to keep drivers engaged during bite-sized 35-minute training topics
  • The training is safety focused and dedicated to delivering real, measurable driver behaviour change and safety improvements. It supports legal compliance and saves money, but, more importantly, it can save lives
  • RTITB supports your in-house training team to help make delivering training hassle-free. Timesaving toolkits include all the forms needed, plus there are helpful resources for free on a USB
  • The Driver CPC training schedule, training team performance, costs and results can all be easily tracked and evaluated via RTITB’s online system, which is available 365 days a year
  • There are no hidden costs, making it easier for companies to budget for Driver CPC training investment
  • Alongside the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium, the RTITB Instructor Academy offers recognised Driver CPC Instructor training, reassuring companies of compliance and consistency throughout all of their training. Via the Academy, Instructors can also be trained to support other parts of the operation, such as materials handling equipment training