Henderson Group

Established more than 120 years ago, four independent entities now make up the Henderson Group brand – Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Retail, Henderson Foodservice and Henderson Group property.


About Henderson Group

Established more than 120 years ago, four independent entities now make up the Henderson Group brand – Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Retail, Henderson Foodservice and Henderson Group property.  Warehousing, logistics and transport are a key part of operations across the whole business.

The Academy at Henderson Group delivers training to personnel across the company, as well as offering a broad range of courses to third parties, including management development, personal development, compliance and driver training.

The Challenge

To increase the variety and efficiency of the training delivered by the Academy, both to help develop the careers of hundreds of internal employees and to attract new business from external customers. Henderson Group wished to train their trainers, provide professional development to team members, and be part of a Driver CPC Consortium.

"The team at the RTITB Instructor Academy is more than helpful and accommodating at all times and their trainers are professional and knowledgeable. The fact that training can be tailored is important for us, and we have always found that courses can be turned around and delivered quickly

Being part of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium has also really benefitted us and given us opportunities to grow our business and enabled us to secure new training customers for our own Academy.

Overall, working with RTITB for our training needs has been valuable, so I have already recommended them to another organisation. We also intend to use the RTITB Instructor Academy for our other upcoming training needs."

Garry Cairns, Driver & Operations Training Manager, The Academy, Henderson Group

What The Academy at Henderson Group Has Achieved:

RTITB qualified trainers

  • Through the RTITB Instructor Academy, the organisation now has 2 qualified Driver CPC Instructors, who were trained at the Henderson Group site for maximum convenience
  • They also now have a trained Yardshunter Instructor within their team, thanks to the RTITB Instructor Academy
  • With qualified Driver CPC Instructors, the company has been able to efficiently deliver Driver CPC Periodic training to 114 individuals over a 4-month period
  • Having independently qualified, and audited, Instructors enables them to offer training solutions to third parties through their own Academy

Compliant and flexible Driver CPC training solution
  • With qualified Driver CPC instructors in house, Henderson Group can deliver the required training to their 136 LGV drivers internally
  • Being part of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium has provided access to a large library of training topics so that they can cater to more diverse customer requests
  • The options within the Driver CPC training library has helped the Academy to win contracts with two new commercial customers in less than four months
  • Time is saved. If a customer opts for a number of courses or modules from the Driver CPC training library, the Henderson Group Academy can save days, or sometimes weeks, of in-house course development time. Courses are also scheduled more efficiently than ever befor

Tailored LGV Assessor training
  • The LGV Assessor course from RTITB Instructor Academy enables Henderson Group to offer a professional development opportunity to their senior drivers. So far 7 drivers have qualified as LGV Assessors
  • The recognised, standardised LGV Assessor qualification broadens trainees’ skillset and knowledge, helping to ensure a high standard of skill and professionalism in their next generation of Henderson Group drivers
  • The RTITB Instructor Academy tailored the LGV Assessor course to Henderson Group’s business needs to ensure a better training outcome Courses

Benefits of the RTITB Instructor Academy:

  • The RTITB Instructor Academy is totally focused on ‘train the trainer’ and assessor courses, making it the most trusted and expert provider of training for LGV and Yardshunter instructors
  • Courses can be delivered either on customer premises anywhere in the world, as well as at the RTITB Instructor Academy in the West Midlands, to provide complete instructor training flexibility
  • The RTITB Instructor Academy offers standardised, Instructor training with independent examination by accrediting body RTITB, supporting consistency and compliance, while leading to an industry-recognised RTITB qualification for trainees
  • Instructors at the RTITB Instructor Academy have real world experience of logistics and transport so truly understand the challenges of working, and training, in the industry
  • A wide range of courses are available, including Driver CPC Instructor, LGV Instructor, Yardshunter Instructor, Safe and Economic Driving Instructor, LGV Assessor and more.
  • All RTITB Instructor Academy courses can be tailored to reflect company culture and processes, as well as to effectively meet business and training objectives

Benefits of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium:

  • Organisations can choose to join the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium so that the Driver CPC Instructors that qualified with the RTITB Instructor Academy have access to safety focused training materials, dedicated to delivering real, measurable change in the most cost-effective way
  • With access to the growing library of 100+ Driver CPC training topics, companies and training providers can tailor their training to the needs of their business and their drivers, without the need for development resource
  • Courses can be delivered without PowerPoint, instead Instructors can utilise quizzes, case studies, workshops, games and discussions to keep drivers engaged during bite-sized 35-minute training topics